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SME Commercial Combined Insurance

Our commercial combined insurance is a package policy aimed at various types of businesses including Manufacturers, Processors, Wholesalers, Distributors, Warehouses, Leisure risks and Engineering risks.

The policy is also aimed at businesses trading from commercial and residential premises including single premises and portfolios.

This commercial combined policy includes contents, stock, loss of income, public liability and legal expenses as standard with a wide range of optional extensions available to enable you to tailor cover according to your needs.

Optional extensions include buildings cover, loss of liquor licence, subsidence cover, theft by employees, specified all risks, computer breakdown, terrorism cover, employers liability and personal accident. Liability cover can also be extended for work away from the premises.

We cater for manufactures, Engineers, Wholesalers, Leisure, Processing trades and many more trades.

You can piece together a commercial combined insurance policy specifically built to meet your requirements covering sectors such as the following:

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • Business interruption
  • Book debts
  • Employers liability
  • Public liability
  • Products liability
  • Glass and shop fronts
  • Money
  • Goods in transit
  • Deterioration of stock
  • Work away
  • Loss of licence
  • Personal accident


Insured perils for buildings and contents

All risks‚ cover is provided for your buildings (if applicable) and your contents and stock for the sums insured selected by you:-

  • Fire, lightning or earthquake
  • Explosion
  • Storm or flood
  • Escape of water
  • Riot and civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Impact
  • Leakage of oil from fixed heating systems
  • Theft by forcible and violent entry/exit
  • Accidental damage

Significant features and benefits

Standard benefits

Cover automatically includes the following extensions and most of the limits shown can be increased on request. The minimum cover can automatically increase depending on the size of your business:-

Standard benefit Minimum cover

  • Damage to fixed glass, premises fronts and sanitary fittings (Inner limits apply) £3,000
  • Damage to external blinds and signs £1,000
  • Loss or damage to goods in transit £3,000
  • Theft of keys including replacement of locks £1,000

Loss of money:-

  • in transit or night safe £3,000
  • during business hours £3,000
  • outside business hours in a locked safe £3,000
  • from the residence of a principal/employee £500
  • from gaming or vending machines £500
  • outside business hours not in a locked safe £500
  • crossed cheques and non negotiable money £250,000

Personal accident and assault following a robbery or hold up:-

  • Benefit for death, loss of any limbs or eyes £10,000
  • Benefit per week up to 2 years £100
  • Damage to cash carrying devices or personal effects £500
  • Loss of freezer contents £1,000
  • Damage to property insured at exhibitions £10,000
  • Loss of metered water £5,000
  • Damage to landscaped gardens £2,500
  • Damage to property insured where you are providing outside catering £2,000
  • Rent/lease payments as tenant if the business is untenantable from damage by a peril insured (excluding accidental damage) 20% of contents
  • Business interruption cover following a claim £100,000

This cover helps to keep you in business following a claim. Automatic extensions of cover under business interruption include:-

  • professional accounts charges
  • notifiable disease
  • vermin pests and defective sanitation
  • murder or suicide
  • denial of access
  • damage to suppliers premises £100,000
  • damage to customers premises £100,000
  • failure of public supply
  • Loss of accounts receivable £10,000
  • Cover for money that is owed by customers which cannot be collected because records have been lost or damaged by a peril insured
  • Public and Products liability £2,000,000
  • Cover against sums you become legally liable to pay as damages together with your legal costs and expenses relating to an injury to any person or accidental loss or damage to their material property happening in the course of the business.

Automatic extensions of cover under public and products liability include:-

  • cross liabilities
  • tenants liability
  • defective premises act
  • contingent motor liability
  • overseas personal liability

Legal expenses including:

  • Cover up to £100,000 per insured incident (inner limit of £2,000 for aspect enquiries and tax intervention enquiries).
  • Cover for contract disputes
  • Cover for health and safety prosecutions
  • Cover for data protection
  • Cover for employment disputes and compensation awards
  • Cover for criminal prosecution
  • Cover for bodily injury
  • Cover for property protection
  • Cover for tax protection
  • Cover for statutory licence protection
  • Cover for tenancy disputes
  • Free access to on-line business law service
  • Free legal advice, tax advice and unfunded business assistance help lines
  • Free counselling helpline for employees.

Optional extensions

The following optional extensions of cover are available at an additional cost:-

Buildings cover including:-

  • damage to cables and underground pipes
  • trace and access cover up to £25,000 any one loss
  • loss of rent receivable up to 20% of the building sum insured. Can be extended up to 30% of the building sum insured
  • Subsidence cover to your buildings and contents
  • Cover for subsidence or ground heave of the site on which the premises stands or landslip
  • Theft by employees
  • Cover against fraud or dishonesty by employees involving theft of money or contents. There are various limits of indemnity to choose from
  • Specified all risks
  • Cover for items which you specify individually under the policy

This extension will cover specified items away from the premises anywhere in the U.K and for up to 30 consecutive days elsewhere in the world.

Computer breakdown

Cover for loss or damage caused by computer breakdown or failure up to a value specified by you. Cover extends to include:-

  • Additional expenditure up to £10,000
  • Incompatibility of computer records up to £5,000
  • Additional rental up to £5,000

Terrorism Cover

Cover for terrorism under the buildings, contents and loss of income sections of the policy.

Loss of liquor licence £100,000

Cover against the depreciation in the value of your premises and subsequent loss of profit following loss of licence due to causes beyond your control.

Employers liability £10,000,000

Cover for damages, legal costs and expenses for which you are liable as a result of injury to your employees including unsatisfied court judgements.

Public & Products Liability up to £10,000,000

Personal accident


This cover provides compensation in certain circumstances to directors, principals and partners up to 70 years of age arising from accidents at work. Cover includes:-

  • Death £10,000
  • Loss of sight £10,000
  • Loss of limb £10,000
  • Permanent total disability £10,000
  • Temporary total disability (104 weeks) £200 per week Commercial Combined Policy Summary 0713 3

Significant features

Automatic index linking at renewal to buildings, contents, specified all risks and computer breakdown.

Third party interests can be noted provided we are informed.

Definition of buildings

Wide definition including landlords fixtures and fittings therein and thereon, walls, gates and fences, yards, car parks and pavements, piping, ducting, cables, wires and associated control gear and on the premises and extending to the public mains but only to the extent of your responsibility.

Definition of contents

Wide definition including:-

  • computer and electronic office equipment, for which you are responsible, including laser printers, fax machines and photocopiers
  • landlords fixtures and fittings, interior decorations and tenants improvements for which you are responsible
  • machinery, plant, fixtures and fittings and all other contents for which you are responsible
  • stock and materials in trade and goods in trust for which you are responsible.

pertaining to the business and contained in the premises